Occasional stories, food and travel inspiration

Occasional stories, food and travel inspiration

Smoked Oyster and Corn Relish Dips

As a working mother our mum was always time-poor. So when I was a young girl learning ballet she used to attach the silver sequins to my tutu by stapling them on. Those of you nifty with a needle may squeal in horror but as a time-saving alternative to the more usual and laborious sewing it was genius.

These dips are the culinary equivalent.

Perfect for drinks parties and BBQs, these dips are beyond easy to prepare and can be made well in advance.

Minimum effort for maximum reward. If only all of life could be this simple.


1 block cream cheese, softened at room temperature
1 jar of good quality Corn Relish OR 1 can smoked oysters, drained and chopped finely


Beat ingredients together and pour into a small but tasteful serving bowl.

Cover with clingwrap and chill in the fridge. To serve, garnish with chopped parsley and place on a plate with crackers and assorted crudites. You may wish to add a squeeze of fresh lemon to the oyster dip.

Serves 6-8.

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