Occasional stories, food and travel inspiration

Occasional stories, food and travel inspiration

Celebrating 4 Years of Blogging

Just over four years ago I published my first post on The Hungry Australian – a recipe for my dad’s Chinese Sausage Omelette.

At the time, I had no inkling that this blog would end up changing my life so dramatically. It all happened quite organically – after six months I was offered my first long-term client contract and my accidental freelance career grew from there.

Last year, something unexpected happened: this blog was judged Best Australian Blog 2014 by the Australian Writer’s Centre, over 1,100+ other blogs.

Winning the top gong was a tremendous surprise and while the recognition was lovely, the subsequent attention and unexpected self-consciousness that followed led to a case of Writer’s Block. Yes, it was extremely ironic.

Happily, a chance conversation on an overseas trip helped put things in perspective and got me back on track: I realised I had to stop worrying about everyone else’s expectations and just focus on creating the best work I was capable of.

THA Fish at Nasi Padang Minmang, Penang


Currently, I’m shooting a food and travel book — Flavours of South Australia for Smudge Publishing — working with a few select clients and focusing on my own writing projects. I also have a new agent — Kathryn Fleming at The Fleming Agency — and I couldn’t be happier as she’s extremely good at what she does and her representation allows me to focus on what I enjoy most: creating stories.

Between work, writing and family commitments, I’ve had much less time to blog this year than ever before. But I have a stack of blog posts that I’m doing final edits on and will publish shortly so thank you for your patience.

Most importantly, thank you for being part of The Hungry Australian. As a blogger, I hope to create stories that connect and resonate with people: the fact that so many of you have let me into your lives either via this blog or one of my social media accounts is something I find both astonishing and humbling.

Christina xx

THA Nasi Padang Minmang

About these photos

I shot these photos on the fly a couple of weeks ago at Nasi Padang Minang, a humble coffee shop at 92 Jalan Transfer in the historical Georgetown area of Penang, Malaysia. At the Nasi Padang Minang the 50 Indonesian and Malaysian dishes on the menu are cooked early in the morning and then left out, uncovered, for diners to help themselves. Australian health and safety inspectors would be having a fit but I knew that eating here would be fine because I was being hosted by Mark from Simply Enak Tours, which specialises in small-group tours of interesting places not usually visited by tourists.

Mark has been coming to this coffee shop for years so he knew exactly what to order. So we ate the delicious house speciality — whole fried fish with fried shallots (ikan bakar) — along with our individual choices of curries, vegetables, rice and salad (ulam) dipped into sambal (chilli paste). I’d never eaten the crunchy, deep-fried flat fish seen on the right side of the main plate before – they tasted like anchovies and were mind-blowingly good. As we ate and drank our iced coffees we chatted about Georgetown’s cultural and food history and I marvelled again at the power of food as both a form of legacy and a way to build new bridges.

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  • Gary

    Congratulations Christina on the anniversary :D

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thank you, Gary! And thank you for all your lovely comments and support :D

  • Kelly

    Congrats Christina! You’ve achieved so much in that time!

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Kelly! It all evolved quite naturally. But it’s sure been a fun ride! ;)

  • http://www.blueapocalypse.com/ Ai-Ling@blueapocaypse

    Happy 4th birthday! I have also fallen into the ‘don’t blog so much’ category but I am doing other food related stuff which has been a result of blogging. The intentions are still there – it’s all about sharing our love of food in some way. In conclusion, don’t feel bad about not blogging as you are doing other amazing food things. Gotta use time to do what you do best!

    ps. loved clicking on the link to your first post, I cringed for you (and for me because my first posts are like that too) but just shows how far you have come!

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Ai-Ling. I know exactly what you mean! I’m doing more writing, photography and recipes than ever before – but it’s mostly for clients and it happens off my blog. And yes, it’s all about prioritising the endless list of things I have to do. I do have plenty of work projects to blog about and will be doing so in due course.

      And haha – yes, those omelette photos are terrible! Just goes to show we all start somewhere – it’s starting that’s the important thing!

  • Mushroom Enthusiast

    Christina – congratulations on the four years. May the next four and the next four after that be even more enjoyable. Stay hungry and enjoy those mushrooms….

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks! It’s been a wild ride :D

  • http://www.gourmetgetaways.com.au/ Gourmet Getaways

    Happy 4th year, Christina! How time flies!! Congrats on all the achievements xx

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Julie & Alesah. Time does indeed fly. I have no idea how it’s the middle of the year already for instance! Thanks for all your lovely comments and support.

  • http://lifeandchai.com Julie C

    Happy 4th bloggaversary Christina! You’re an amazingly creative person, and I love your photos and storytelling.

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Julie. That’s so sweet of you. :)

  • http://shadybaker.blogspot.com.au/ Jane @ Shady Baker

    So good to hear from you and see you back here Christina…mouthwatering photos as always x

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Jane. Lovely to hear from you, too x

  • http://www.followtherulesblog.com/ Deanna Forte Rule

    Congratulation of four years! :)

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thank you, Deanna! :)

  • http://potions21.com Sofia

    Congratulations to these 4 years of blogging and all the adventures its brought you! I adore your storytelling and photos xx

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Sofia. Your kind comments make me blush x

  • http://www.adeptclippingpath.com/ Pinky Shahana

    Happy blog anniversary! Thanks for sharing your enjoyable moment with us.

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thank you so much! :D

  • The Hungry Mum

    congrats on 4 years! And writing a book is a dream for me, so good on you.

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thank you! I wish you all the best re your blog :)

  • http://www.passportcouture.com/ Passport Couture

    Wonderful work on your 4 years of blogging! It’s crazy how fast time goes and it’s great to see how it’s developed and changed your life.


    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Yes, indeed. 4 years has gone by so quickly! Thanks so much for your kind words

  • Cuddly Crumb

    We love your blog Christina! Your photos are so beautiful! We’ve just started a blog venture that focuses primarily on celebrating Melbourne’s best pastries and dough. I’ll be moving to France to teach soon and hope to share some insights into French pastry too. Your blog has been really inspiring to keep going and not stress ourselves out too much with churning out content on a frequent basis but to focus on making the content worthwhile and enjoying the process. All the best!

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thank you for your kind words! Blogging shouldn’t be stressful. I only blog when I have time and when I feel inspired to and this ebbs and flows as is to be expected. It all depends why you’re doing it and what you hope to get out of it. Best wishes!

  • http://forkthisworld.com Crystal

    Congrats Christina! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and stories with us, you’re an inspiration to me and I hope to one day be a blogging superstar like yourself x

    • http://www.hungryaustralian.com/ The Hungry Australian

      Thanks, Crystal! Glad you like them :D

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